Our Services

Dog Walking

Our fun-filled, closely supervised, semi-private small group walks combine lots of exercise with a terrific opportunity to socialize. Your pup is walked with up to three other companions and often your dog will be walked with only one or two other dogs. Your pup is never rushed and with trained eyes, we always know what he or she is sniffing and up too. Of course we never leave our dogs unattended for any reason. Multi-dog discounts available.  Private walks can be arranged as well. Reasonable rates and packages available.


Doggie Day Care

We provide supervised play and interaction in a safe, highly controlled indoor and outdoor environment with a maximum of 3 dogs. Your dog can expect a full day with exercise and attention to alleviate negative behavior at home due to boredom or lack of exercise. Dogs are supervised closely with good behavior encouraged to provide positive reinforcement. This is a kennel-free home environment with all the comforts including air conditioning  and artificial grass throughout the property. Drop off between 7 and 9 A.M. , pick up between 5 and 7 P.M. Flexibility available.


Overnight Pet Boarding

There’s no place like home, but because your dog doesn’t like kennels have them come stay with us!We appreciate your work and travel schedules can be hectic and strive to provide your dog with all the love and the attention he/she would receive at home.  Lots of walks, cuddling and customized care just like in your home.  Just tell us what the rules are regarding sleeping in our bed!

West LA Dog Walks

West LA Dog Walks provides walks, day care, and overnight services in Los Angeles from Beverly
Hills to Venice. We are here to make sure your
furry family member gets the love and care it deserves ! Call us at 1 (800) 926-9448.

Los Angeles, CA 90025 United States Phone: (800) 926-9448
Dog Walker? Call: 800.926.9448